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Police and Public Works Facility - One Plaza Drive
Space Needs Summary
The combined Police/Public Works building located at One Plaza Drive.
The Village of Woodridge Police and Public Works departments currently share a building located at 1 Plaza Drive in the Town Centre campus. In 2004, operational challenges forced the Village to begin evaluating the long term plans for the existing facility in order to try and identify solutions. An updated space needs evaluation was conducted in 2009 and work was going to begin for the Police Department expansion at a cost of approximately $13 million. Due to the economic climate in 2009/2010, the Village elected to step away from the project as represented a major capital undertaking during a time of economic uncertainty.

However, issues such as the aging building, fuel system, and regulatory requirements including EPA regulations on material storage and American with Disabilities Act requirements associated with building improvements, continue to increase the cost of a solution – a cost that is ever growing. Presently, the cost for just immediate repairs to the Police and Public Works facility are estimated to be in excess of $2.7 million and only represent band-aide fixes that do not address present operational needs, state requirements for evidence storage, increased needs for material and vehicle storage, and several other identified concerns.

This has led the Village to engage a consulting team consisting of architectural, engineering, and construction experts to evaluate construction options and the Town Centre campus to address questions over whether to remodel or build a new building, and where a new building could be located.

The Evaluation
The space programming analysis and building assessment were undertaken by a consultant team led by Williams Architects with partners W. B. Olson Construction and W-T Engineering. Their findings were presented to members of the Village Board in August. The building analysis confirmed the need to replace building mechanical systems, the generator, the roof, and plumbing components in the building. The analysis conducted for Police and Public Works operations reviewed current and future operational space needs, employee counts and fleet counts and determined the recommended building size and yard space to meet both departments’ needs. A range of 65,340 - 98,010 square feet was recommended to meet identified needs. The current building provides 40,674 square feet for these needs.

Part of the evaluation includes whether improvements or renovations made to the current building would trigger current State and Federal requirements for public buildings, including requirements associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Department of Corrections, or other agencies. These requirements need further assessment to determine applicability and associated costs.

Consultant Reports on One Plaza Drive
Mechanical Assessment
Space Programming Assessment

About the Consultants
Williams Architects
W.B. Olson Construction
W-T Engineering Inc.

Conditions at One Plaza Drive
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Current Project Status
The potential of accommodating the identified needs of both departments on the Town Centre campus, along with the associated costs, is currently being assessed. (The Town Centre Campus is located near Center and Plaza Drives and is where several facilities, including Village Hall, the Woodridge Library, Village Police/Public Works facility, U.S. Post Office, and Memorial Park are located). Preliminary site concepts and cost estimates are being developed and will be shared with the community at public meetings. Comments regarding the project are invited and encouraged as the community evaluates options to be considered.